QMan Messaging Hero

QMan SMS Hero adds powerful text messaging capabilities directly within Salesforce.  Text messaging is the most widely used and popular communication channel in the world today and now you can use QMan SMS Hero to communicate to customers, vendors, and other Salesforce users the way they prefer.  Plus it is faster and cheaper for your business to use text messaging.

These tools come in the QMan SMS Hero package and they install into you Salesforce organization in minutes without the need for professional services or development.

SMS Conversation

Real-time two-way messaging conversations from Salesforce with any SMS capable phone number in your system
Users can participate in multiple simultaneous conversations and collaborate with group conversations
Supports sending outbound attachments
Use Quick Text to faster message responses and standardization
Works with any standard or custom object

Text 2 Case

Allow customers to create, update, or get the status of cases by sending SMS or MMS text messages from any standard text messaging app
Customers don't need Internet connections or special chat software to get the help that they need
Configurable auto-responses
Easily implement automated case routing
This tool is a must for customers that need help while in the field

SMS Notifications

Integrates with Salesforce Process Builder to automate the sending of text messages to contacts, leads, or users based on criteria that you set.
Works with any standard or custom SF object
Automate sending alerts, appointment reminders, confirmations, etc. via text message

SMS Auth Codes

Send one-time authentication codes to customers, vendors, or users via standard text message
Issue/validate auth codes directly from Salesforce or integrate external systems using the built in web services
Easily add two factor authentication (2FA/MFA) for your login processes or implement a more secure caller verification process
Allows you to meet your industry standard 2FA security requirements, such as those found in PCI or HIPAA

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